Applicable to:

  • Motors 2, 4 and 6 poles
  • Ratings from 1 to 200HP
  • Voltage 230 and 460V (EUA & Mexico)
  • Voltages up to 600V (Canada)


Not applicable to*:

  • Dedicated VFD design (not suitable for DOL)
  • Motors higher than 200HP
  • Non standard voltages (excluding 230/460V)
  • Submersible motors (IP68)
  • Special shaft motors (non T frame) –US only
  • 2 speed motors
  • Integral brake motor
  • Torque Design D
  • TENV and TEAO
  • Intermittent duty


* All exceptions must meet High Efficiency Level, the only exception for High Efficiency are the double speed motors.

Стандарти на ефективност за EU

Стандарти на ефективност за USA

Стандарти на ефективност за Бразилия

Стандарти на ефективност за Австралия
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