The whole workforce of the factory is participating in different organized activities. A vast portion of the youth in the factory is taking part in different art events hosted by the “Photoclub” of the factory. The sports teams win countless regional and national championships and events. The only circus ensemble of a private company in the country is constantly working on its act and performing in front of audience. Many awards are won by the Dance, Singing and String orchestra teams. With the help of the factory, volunteers constructed a holyday house at the Black sea that is used during the summer holydays.

Nowadays EZ ELPROM TROYAN is once again investing in different social activities, not only for its workers, but also for the whole local community. The factory is a contributor in the areas of sports, science, arts and healthcare.

Elprom Troyan is the general sponsor of Stanimir Belomajev – Ski Orienteering World Champion for 2017!

Eлпром Троян е генерален спонсор на световния шампион по ски ориентиране за 2017 година - Станимир Беломъжев!



Ски ориентиране 




Спортно ориентиране 



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