Privacy Policy

„Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd would like to inform you that it is a registered administrator of personal information in the Personal Information Protection Committee of Bulgaria. Part of the data that has been voluntarily provided to „Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd is personal and falls under the special protection regime in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the Personal Data Protection Act /PDPA/ and the company’s internal rules„Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd lawfully processes personal data in order to achieve lawful goals related to the rights and interests of the owners, as well as its own lawful interests as an administrator of personal information.

„Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd informs you that it claims responsibility for the acquisition, processing, storage and exploitation of the provided personal information in the statutory time limits as well as guarantees the security and safeguarding of this information from the knowledge of third parties.

„Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd informs you that it provides personal information to state and municipal authorities as well as institutions, banks, commercial companies, legal and physical entities when such is required by special provision. Personal information is also provided when it is required for the realization of your rights and legal interests as a participant in a selectionor when it is necessary for the realization of the legal rights and interests of „Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” LtdWe inform you that when complying with the internal rules of „Electric motor plant Elprom Troyan” Ltd you have the right to access and correct your personal information as well as the right to request that your personal information be erased. You also have the right of an objection to the processing, sharing and revealing of your personal information for purposes that differ from the specified ones.

We highly value the security of your personal information and its safeguarding is of our highest priority and a significant part of our standard for quality and professionalism. We also claim responsibility for the future use of your personal information exclusively for the effective realization of your legal rights and interests.

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