Applicable to:

  • Closed and open enclosures
  • Motors 2, 4 poles up to 250cv(HP)
  • Motors 6 poles up to 200cv(HP)
  • Motors 8 poles up to 180cv(HP)
  • Frequency: 60Hz (or 50Hz operating in 60Hz)
  • Voltage up to 1000V
  • Duty cycle S1 or S3 (ED higher or equal to 80%)
  • Starting torque as per design N, H, NY or HY (or NEMA equivalent)


Not applicable to:

  • Integral brake motor
  • Dedicated VFD design (not suitable for DOL)
  • Intermittent duty
  • Explosion proof (Exd)
  • Increased safety (Exe)

Motors without this label will not be allowed through Brazilian customs!

Procedure for non approved motors:

  • Check if motor efficiency is meeting ABNT requirements
  • Ask for an import license from Inmetro prior start export process
  • Dispatch the motors after receive the authorization from Inmetro
  • Submit sample motors to the lab for testing (Cepel, IEE/USP, Labelo)
  • Laboratory will issue a test certificate stating motor performance
  • After evlauate the test certificate Inmetro releases motors license
  • More information at www.inmetro.gov.br (Portaria 488)


European electrical design is not registered on Inmetro!

Стандарти на ефективност за EU

Стандарти на ефективност за USA

Стандарти на ефективност за Бразилия

Стандарти на ефективност за Австралия
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