Super Premium Efficiency - IE4

An efficient product range!
Does it even exist? A seamless and integrated portfolio with IE4 efficiency, no change in the shaft height, with various enclosure versions in a well-proven design?  IE4 motors are reliable and rugged in operation with low operating costs. And the best? A low energy consumption reduces the stress on the environment as a result of low CO2 emissions.

Innovative IE4 motors to help lead you to success 
Higher energy savings, lower operating costs and long-term security for the future – with IE4 low voltage motors from Siemens, you are clearly investing to boost your competitiveness. IE4 means, for example, up to 14 % higher energy savings when compared to IE1. This pays off, especially if you consider that the energy costs for many motors exceeds the initial purchase price after just six months in operation. 

Minimum operating costs over the complete lifecycle 
Does it make sense to invest in a high efficiency? This question is becoming increasingly more important when planning new plants and systems as well as for retrofit projects. Once a decision has been made for IE4, then this results in low operating costs over the complete service life.

A future-proof concept 
Why are IE4 motors sustainable? They are available in aluminum enclosure and cast iron enclosure versions and without any change in the shaft height from IE1 up to IE4. IE4 is therefore the consequential extension to include Super Premium Efficiency. The motors are designed for line operation, but they can also be operated with frequency converters. This takes independence and flexibility to the planning of plants and retrofit.

Highest efficiency without any compromises 
Why make a compromise when there is a simple solution? IE4 fully leverage their benefits: well-proven handling, known technology and flexibility based on a comprehensive range. When moving up from IE1 up to IE4 the efficiency can be up to 14 % higher and from IE3 up to IE4, up to 3 %.

Стандарти на ефективност за EU

Стандарти на ефективност за USA

Стандарти на ефективност за Бразилия

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