Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS

Е2 level of efficiency

Applicable to:

  • Motors 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles
  • Ratings from 0.73 to 185kW
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Up to 1100V

Not applicable to:

  • 2 speed motors
  • Dedicated VFD design (not suitable for DOL)
  • Intermittent duty short duty cycles
  • Integrated design with driven machine (TEAO not included)
  • Submersible motors (IP68)

Australia is evaluating a revision at AS/NZS to follow IEC efficiency program (to be similar).
It’s not agreed yet!



  • Efficiency level shall be E2 or E3 as per AS/NZS 1359.55
  • Efficiency level shall be printed on motor nameplate
  • Motor design shall be registered at following link:
Стандарти на ефективност за EU

Стандарти на ефективност за USA

Стандарти на ефективност за Бразилия

Стандарти на ефективност за Австралия
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