High Efficiency - IE2

Electric motors Type TH with high efficiency IE2 can reduce the production energy costs with over 30%.
Standard IEC 60034-30 defines the energy efficiency classes for asynchronous motors. Regulations (EC) 640/2009 and 04/2014 establish the conditions for the conversion to the new energy-efficient technology. IE2 has been in place as the minimum efficiency since the 16th of June 2011. 


For electric single speed, three-phase 50 or 50/60 Hz squirrel cage induction motor

  • Number of poles: 2, 4, or 6
  • Rated power: 0.75 - 375 kW
  • Rated voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Rated on the basis of continuous duty operation


  • Motors completely immersed in a liquid during operation
  • Motors that are fully integrated into a machine

Technical information about energy-saving electric motors Type TH

Designing and manufacturing  of energy efficient electric motors requires special know-how and a laboratory with precise measuring equipment, that are present in EZ”ELPROM Troyan”. The purpose is to balance and reduce the loss of energy in the stators and the losses from rotor slipping. In comparison with the IE 1 range of motors, the IE2 electric motors require more copper, steal and other materials. Basic characteristics of IE 2 motors:

  • Bigger conductor cross section
  • Higher stator channels
  • Better quality stator lamels
  • Smaller air gap
  • Better cooling system
  • Better bearings


Стандарти на ефективност за EU

Стандарти на ефективност за USA

Стандарти на ефективност за Бразилия

Стандарти на ефективност за Австралия
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